Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Hands Over Top AI Tech, the First DGX H200, to OpenAI Leaders Sam Altman and Greg Brockman

AI powerhouse Nvidia made waves in the tech world as Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang personally delivered the world’s first DGX H200 to OpenAI leaders Sam Altman and Greg Brockman. The unique handover marked a significant milestone in the advancement of artificial intelligence.

The DGX H200, a cutting-edge GPU-based server from Nvidia, houses the new H200 Tensor Core GPU within a formidable enterprise-grade server chassis. Representing a significant leap forward from its predecessor, the H100, the H200 boasts an impressive 141 GB of memory operating at 4.8 TB/s, outshining the H100’s 80 GB at 3.3 TB/s. Nvidia proudly dubs the H200 as “the world’s most powerful GPU for supercharging AI workloads.”

Huang’s personal touch was evident as he signed the supercomputer with the inspiring dedication “to advance AI, computing, and humanity.” This gesture harks back to a similar moment in 2016 when Huang delivered the world’s first DGX-1 server to a thrilled Elon Musk, who was then a proud member and co-founder of OpenAI.

However, times have changed, and Musk’s relationship with OpenAI has soured, with legal disputes over the organization’s shift from a non-profit to a for-profit entity and concerns about the risks associated with artificial general intelligence. Despite the rift between Musk and Huang, the handover of the DGX H200 to OpenAI signals a new chapter in the evolution of AI capabilities.

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, the collaboration between Nvidia and OpenAI holds promise for the development of groundbreaking AI solutions. The delivery of the DGX H200 represents a significant step towards harnessing the power of AI to drive innovation and address complex challenges in artificial intelligence.

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Last Update: 26 April 2024

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