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Developing countries have the opportunity to harness artificial intelligence’s (AI) potential to address unique challenges and drive economic growth. Google is taking a significant step towards supporting this effort by releasing its “AI Sprinters” report. The report offers governments and international organizations a roadmap to effectively leverage AI in infrastructure, education, healthcare, and agriculture.

Google has also committed $15 million through to support AI skills training in developing countries, focusing on underserved communities. This investment aims to prepare people for the opportunities presented by AI and bridge the digital divide in many regions of the world.

The “AI Sprinters” report highlights four key recommendations to help developing countries maximize the benefits of AI technology. These include revolutionizing infrastructure through cloud-first policies, supporting national AI skill initiatives, modernizing national data systems, and implementing AI-enabling regulations.

By prioritizing these recommendations in their national development strategies, governments and organizations can position themselves to capitalize on AI’s transformative power. Adopting AI in developing countries has the potential to accelerate innovation, overcome legacy challenges, and improve the lives of millions.

Failure to adopt AI technology could widen the digital divide and hinder progress towards critical development goals. On the other hand, success in harnessing AI presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for emerging markets to shape their future and drive inclusive growth.

Google’s “AI Sprinters” report calls for collaboration among governments, businesses, and civil society to prepare for and leverage AI for prosperity and inclusivity. The stakes are high, and the time to act is now.

As the world gathers for the annual World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings, the conversation around AI and its role in shaping the future of developing countries is more important than ever. With the right policies, investments, and partnerships, AI has the potential to empower millions of people and drive sustainable development in regions where it is needed most.

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Last Update: 3 April 2024

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