Meta's Move Against Manipulated Media

Labeling a more comprehensive range of video, audio, and image content as “Made with AI” will soon be common on Meta platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, starting in May. This move comes as a response to Meta’s independent Oversight Board feedback, which recommended an update to the current policy regarding manipulated media.

Meta announced in an official statement, “We are making changes to the way we handle manipulated media based on feedback from the Oversight Board and our policy review process with public opinion surveys and expert consultations.”

The labels indicating content created with AI could be generated through self-disclosure by users when posting content, the advice of fact-checkers, or through Meta detecting invisible markers of AI-generated content. The company stated, “We will begin labeling a wider range of video, audio, and image content as ‘Made with AI’ when we detect industry standard AI image indicators or when people disclose that they’re uploading AI-generated content.”

Notably, Meta emphasized the increasing use of realistic AI-generated tools to create content like audio and photos, highlighting the rapid evolution of this technology. The company acknowledged concerns about the potential misuse of AI, especially with the rise of deepfake videos, which could be used to confuse and mislead voters in the upcoming elections.

During a conversation with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed the challenges posed by AI and suggested using watermarks on AI-generated content to prevent misinformation. Modi emphasized the importance of leveraging technology to improve citizen services and simplify processes, such as storing university certificates in the cloud for efficient access.

Bill Gates also recognized the opportunities and challenges presented by AI, noting the need for accuracy and decision-making processes despite the technology’s capabilities. He underscored the ongoing advancements in AI while acknowledging the importance of continuous improvement.

Meta’s efforts to label AI-generated content as a response to manipulated media highlights the company’s commitment to transparency and combating misinformation. As AI continues to advance, platforms like Meta are taking proactive steps to ensure the authenticity and reliability of content shared on their platforms.

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Last Update: 6 April 2024

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