Stability AI Unveils Stable Video 3D for Single Image Transformation

Introducing Stable Video 3D, a groundbreaking generative model developed by Stability AI that is set to revolutionize the world of 3D technology. With two powerful variants, SV3D_u and SV3D_p, this innovative technology allows for orbital video generation from single images and specified camera paths, pushing the boundaries of quality and view-consistency. The capability to efficiently transform single object images into novel multi-views that can be used to generate high-quality 3D meshes is a game-changer in the field. Utilizing the latest advancements in video diffusion models and novel view synthesis, Stability AI’s Stable Video 3D promises to deliver unmatched realism and accuracy in 3D generation. Experience the future of single-image transformation with Stability AI’s latest release.

SV3D_u: Orbital Video Generation

Even without the need for camera conditioning, Stable Video 3D’s SV3D_u variant effortlessly generates orbital videos based on single image inputs. This model’s improved quality and view-consistency showcase the advancement in 3D technology, allowing for the creation of captivating 3D visuals with ease.

SV3D_p: Extended Camera Path Video Creation

Clearly extending the capabilities of Stable Video 3D, the SV3D_p variant not only accommodates both single images and orbital views but also enables the creation of 3D video along specified camera paths. This groundbreaking feature opens up endless possibilities for content creators and developers looking to enhance their projects with high-quality multi-view videos generated from a single image input.

SVDu with a Stability AI Membership enables commercial use of Stable Video 3D, while the model weights are available for non-commercial purposes on Hugging Face. By introducing advanced techniques such as disentangled illumination optimization and a masked score distillation sampling loss function, SV3D_p ensures the reliable output of quality 3D meshes from single image inputs. With an emphasis on consistency and detail, Stable Video 3D elevates the standards of 3D generation and view synthesis in the tech industry.

Commercial Use: Stability AI Membership Information

Now offering Stable Video 3D for commercial use, Stability AI requires a membership for access. This advanced generative model can transform single images into high-quality 3D videos, offering improved quality and view-consistency. With Stable Video 3D variants SV3D_u and SV3D_p available, businesses can harness the power of this technology for various applications, further advancing the field of 3D technology.

Non-Commercial Use: Accessing Model Weights and Research Paper

Stability AI provides access to Stable Video 3D for non-commercial use through downloadable model weights on platforms like Hugging Face. Additionally, users can investigate deeper into the technical aspects of the technology by viewing the research paper. This enables researchers, students, and enthusiasts to explore and understand the innovative advancements brought about by Stable Video 3D in 3D generation technology.

Multi-View Video Generation

If you are looking to transform single images into multi-view videos with enhanced quality and view-consistency, look no further than Stable Video 3D. With variants like SV3D_u and SV3D_p, this generative model takes single image inputs and generates orbital videos or 3D videos along specified camera paths, revolutionizing the field of 3D technology.

Improved 3D Optimization Techniques

Any advancement in 3D technology is incomplete without robust optimization techniques. Stable Video 3D introduces innovative approaches, such as disentangled illumination optimization and masked score distillation sampling loss, to enhance 3D mesh quality. By leveraging multi-view consistency and optimizing NeRF and mesh representations, Stable Video 3D ensures high-quality 3D mesh generation directly from single image inputs.

Technical Details and Experimental Comparisons

For Commercial UseFor Non-Commercial Use
Available with Stability AI MembershipDownload model weights on Hugging Face
Extensive 3D generation capabilitiesAccess to research paper for more details

With Stable Video 3D’s release, users can now benefit from advanced 3D generation techniques for various applications. Whether for commercial or non-commercial use, Stable Video 3D sets a new standard in the industry, offering improved quality and view-consistency compared to existing models like Stable Zero123 and Zero123-XL.

Advancements in 3D Generation

You will be amazed at the advancements in 3D generation with Stability AI’s release of Stable Video 3D. Leveraging its multi-view consistency, this groundbreaking model optimizes 3D Neural Radiance Fields and mesh representations to significantly enhance the quality of 3D meshes directly generated from novel views. By incorporating a masked score distillation sampling loss and a disentangled illumination model, Stable Video 3D sets a new standard for high-quality 3D generation from single images.

Consistency and Detail in Multi-Views

Advancements in reproducibility and intricacy are the hallmark of Stability AI’s Stable Video 3D model. Through its novel multi-view generation capabilities, Stable Video 3D ensures greater detail, faithful representation of input images, and consistency across multiple views, vastly surpassing existing works. This translates to pose-controllability improvements and more realistic and accurate 3D generations, setting a new benchmark in the field.

Optimization of 3D Neural Radiance Fields

With the implementation of Stable Video 3D, optimization of 3D Neural Radiance Fields has reached a new level of quality and accuracy. By leveraging the multi-view consistency of Stable Video 3D, the model is able to significantly enhance the generation of 3D meshes directly from novel views.

Disentangled Illumination Model

On top of Stable Video 3D advancements, the model incorporates a Disentangled Illumination Model to tackle the issue of baked-in lighting and improve the overall quality of 3D mesh generation. This joint optimization of illumination, shape, and texture boosts the realism and accuracy of 3D outputs.

To address challenges associated with lighting in 3D mesh generation, Stable Video 3D introduces a Disentangled Illumination Model. This innovative approach optimizes illumination, shape, and texture simultaneously, resulting in more realistic and accurate 3D models.

Comparison of 3D Mesh Results with Other Models

Stable Video 3DImproved quality and multi-view consistency in 3D mesh generation
EscherNet and Stable Zero123Outperformed by Stable Video 3D in generating detailed and faithful 3D mesh results

Mesh comparisons between models showcase the superior performance of Stable Video 3D over EscherNet and Stable Zero123. The new model excels in producing detailed, faithful, and multi-view consistent 3D mesh results, setting a new standard in the field of 3D technology.


Hence, the introduction of Stable Video 3D by Stability AI represents a significant advancement in 3D technology, offering unparalleled quality and view consistency in novel view synthesis and 3D generation from single images. This release features two powerful variants, SV3D_u and SV3D_p, catering to different use cases and applications. With its ability to generate multi-view videos and high-quality 3D meshes, Stable Video 3D establishes itself as a cutting-edge tool for commercial and non-commercial use. Through its innovative techniques such as video diffusion models, disentangled illumination optimization, and 3D optimization, Stability AI has set a new benchmark in 3D technology, surpassing existing open-source alternatives and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in single image transformation.

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Last Update: 25 March 2024